HeliAir expands fleet

HeliAir expands its fleet with a Twin Engine helicopter

We’ve got him! The new AS355F2 helicopter. Connoisseurs know him as the cream of the crop. This Airbus is a versatile and reliable helicopter that excels in all kinds of operational conditions. After its glorious service in Spain, this helicopter has recently been added to the Dutch aviation register, and this addition to HeliAir’s fleet will play a crucial role in strengthening our operational capacity.

With the ability to carry both passengers and cargo, the AS355F2 helicopter will be used primarily for a range of special operations, including filming, laser and lidar inspection flights, and even lifting jobs. The helicopter will also offer its services to various commercial and government customers, allowing HeliAir to further expand and diversify its offering.

Arno van de Craats, HeliAir’s accountable manager:

“We are really happy to have been able to add the AS355F2 to our fleet. This helicopter is known for its versatility and reliability, exactly what we need to continue to provide top quality aviation services to our fantastic customers in the Netherlands and far beyond .”

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