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If you’re looking to obtain your pilot’s license cheaply and quickly, then you’re in the wrong place. We prioritize quality and safety above all. You’ll only receive your license from us once you’ve proven yourself to be a truly competent pilot.

Because there’s a significant difference between being able to fly and being a skilled pilot. It’s no wonder that individuals who earn their Private Pilot License (PPL) with HeliAir often progress relatively quickly to obtaining their Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

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Trial lessons

Warning! Once you’ve experienced a trial flight in a helicopter, you might just become addicted.

Our trial lesson includes a practical explanation of approximately 30 minutes, covering topics such as helicopter control and what to expect during the flight. Then, you’ll spend 30 minutes flying (yes, you get to steer!) in one of our Robinson R44 helicopters, under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

After the trial lesson, you can choose to pursue the Private Pilot License (PPL) training with us.

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Private Pilot License (PPL): During the practical training of the PPL course, an experienced instructor will teach you the ins and outs of helicopter flying. The lessons for the Private Pilot License (PPL) consist of a pre-flight briefing, the flight lesson itself, and a debriefing where exercises are discussed with the student. The lesson program includes various exercises, ranging from take-offs and landings to learning (simulated) emergency procedures.

To be eligible for the practical exam to obtain the PPL, several legal requirements must be met. Naturally, this primarily involves achieving a sufficient level of proficiency. Additionally, there is a requirement for a minimum number of flight hours. In total, this amounts to 45 mandatory hours, divided into 10 hours of solo flying, 10 hours of other flight exercises, and 25 hours of Dual Control Instruction (DCI) with an instructor. Within these 25 hours, at least 5 hours must be dedicated to instrument flying. Of the 10 hours of solo flying, 5 hours must be devoted to navigation. However, the actual number of hours flown varies per student. After all, it’s the quality of training that matters, not just the quantity.

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Commercial Pilot License (CPL) at HeliAir is conducted through a modular program. This means that you must first complete the PPL training to become a helicopter pilot before starting the CPL training. The CPL theory consists of 9 subjects, all of which must be successfully completed within 18 months.

The theory training for the commercial license is conducted by Orbit Groundschool in Arnhem, affiliated with HeliAir. Orbit Groundschool offers both day and evening courses. The day course lasts approximately 17 weeks, while the evening course takes about 1.5 years. For more information, please visit the Orbit Groundschool website.

CPL Practical Training
The practical training for the CPL is similar to the PPL training in terms of exercises, but the requirements for accuracy and experience are higher. The legal requirement for the initial issue of the CPL license is 185 flight hours. With a CPL, you are authorized to conduct flights for a commercial air transport operation.

If you have any questions about becoming a professional pilot, it’s advisable to schedule a completely non-committal appointment with one of the staff members at HeliAir.

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Type Rating

At HeliAir, the initial helicopter training is conducted on the four-seater Robinson R44. Upon obtaining the license, you are then authorized to fly this type of helicopter. However, for any other type of helicopter, a further training program must be completed, culminating in an exam. We refer to such training as a ‘Type Rating’. Such training is offered for all our helicopter types.

Helicopter types:

  • Robinson R44
  • Eurocopter120
  • AS350 B3 / B3e
  • AS355
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For the renewal of your license (profchecks), you can also rely on HeliAir. We have the accreditation that allows us to conduct our own exams and profchecks for the Inspection Traffic and Water Management Aviation Division. Within the company, we have various examiners available for different types of helicopters, enabling us to assist you with a number of type ratings.

Helicopter types:

  • Robinson R44
  • EC120b
  • AS350 B3/ B3+/ B3e
  • AS355N/ AS355F2
  • B206/ 206L
  • SC330
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