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We are HeliAir Helicopter Services – where the sky’s the limit!

Not every professional challenge can be tackled with both feet firmly on the ground. Sometimes, it’s more efficient and effective to take to the skies. Whether it’s lifting heavy objects, conducting inspection flights, maintenance surveys, shooting films, spraying, or handling special missions.

We’re not just another run-of-the-mill high-risk helicopter operator in the Benelux. Nope, we’re the cream of the crop! Plus, we’ve got a flight school and, naturally, we also offer passenger transport.

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Complex operations, high risks, long lead times. In some cases, employing a helicopter is the solution. We deliver quality with a proven track record.


Frequently Asked Questions – Demystified

More information about our company or our services? Or do you have questions about flying a helicopter? Perhaps the answers to frequently asked questions can help you further.

We’ve highlighted a few here, but you’ll find more on our FAQ page. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us!

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  • Where is HeliAir located?

    HeliAir is located at 2 locations, namely in Harskamp (GLD) and Maastricht Aachen Airport (LB).

  • What distances can you fly with a helicopter?

    Without making a stop for refueling, you can fly approximately 500 km. This also depends on the type of device and the weather conditions.

  • Is flying a helicopter scary?

    We experience that people with a mild fear of flying are less afraid of flying in a helicopter. This is because with a helicopter we can take off very slowly and not fly so high. In case a passenger is not feeling well, we can also land quickly. That is often a reassuring thought!

  • Will we fall out of the sky in the event of an engine failure?

    If an engine failure ever occurs, all our pilots are trained to land safely with an autorotation procedure. With this autorotation procedure we can still steer the helicopter neatly and land at almost any location!

  • Do you also fly for charities?

    HeliAir flies several times a year for charity foundations, such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Skykids and the Foundation ‘Hoogvliegers’.

  • From what age can you take the pilot training at HeliAir?

    In principle, there is no age limit for taking flight training. However, to fly solo there is a minimum age of 16 years. To be allowed to take a PPL exam, the student must be 17 years old.

  • Where can helicopters land and take off?

    You are not allowed to land just anywhere with a helicopter, which is of course subject to all kinds of rules. The exemption required for this is called TUG, which stands for Temporary Exceptional Use. HeliAir has a permanent TUG exemption for all provinces in the Netherlands. With this TUG exemption, HeliAir meets all legal requirements necessary to take off or land safely outside an airport.


Right in the heart of the Netherlands, Central in Europe

From our bases in Harskamp and Maastricht, we strategically position ourselves within the Netherlands, ensuring a short flight time to any desired location within the country. These locations serve as hubs for our helicopter services, not only catering to the Benelux region but also covering a significant portion of Western Europe.

HeliAir’s fleet consists of 10 helicopters, ranging from single & twin engine types. Depending on your wishes and legal requirements, we can provide you with the right type for your assignment. Our helicopters are partly equipped with luxurious and comfortable interiors and partly designed as a utility helicopter. A number of helicopters are also equipped with air conditioning. HeliAir also has 4 R44 helicopters that can be rented.

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Our mission

To provide exceptional helicopter services tailored to our clients' needs, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and adhering to the highest safety standards. With an unwavering passion for helicopters, we dedicate ourselves to the aviation community through our core services in AOC, SPO, and ATO training. We strive for excellence by providing customized solutions, thinking and acting innovatively, and forging solid partnerships with our strategic allies. Our commitment lies in exceeding expectations, delivering added value, and fostering lasting relationships with our clients, all while demonstrating reliability and maintaining the highest quality standards in both our people and services to continuously elevate industry standards.

Our vision

To be the premier helicopter service provider, recognized for our innovation, reliability, and commitment to excellence. We aspire to be leaders in safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, contributing positively to the aviation industry and the communities we serve. In this highly dynamic, specialized aviation industry, speed, delivery reliability, availability, and safety are the key differentiators. The industry is heavily regulated and extremely professional, leaving little room for interpretation. HeliAir anticipates this by implementing processes, technology, and business rules that support and redirect this heavily regulated organization towards ultimate control, reliable flight operations, and cost reduction for our organization and its clients. This includes developing and introducing innovative and thoughtful processes, operational models through a combination of in-house expertise and refined flight operations that set an example in the industry.

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